Eloise Corr Danch | Brooklyn based designer and artist
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Horacio Coppola, Liquidación en una casa de trajes, Buenos Aires, esquina de Bartolomé Mitre y Maipú, 1936.
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"Culture consists of connections, not of separations: to specialize is to isolate.” ― Carlos Fuentes, Myself with Others: Selected Essays
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Rene Burri - Former Summer Palace, Dead Lotus Flowers on the Kunming Lake, Beijing, China 1964.
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Alicia Reyes McNamara emailed me back in December telling me that she and her friend, Kat Burdine would be taking part in JR’s Inside Out Project in Honduras. I asked her to give me a holler when she completed it. And she has! Here’s what they’ve done in her own words:

La Fuerza Silenciosa or in English, The Silent Strength is a public art instillation I did in Honduras with my friend, Kat Burdine. We are working in collaboration with the Inside Out project founded by the French artist, JR.

Between both Kat and I, we have lived and work in El Progreso, Honduras for six years and though we worked with various demographics, we were continuously struck by the silent strength of women in the community. We have photographed these women and have pasted their portraits up in the center of town as well as their neighborhoods to give homage to their strength and struggles. With this citywide instillation we hope to start a dialogue about all that women have accomplished. Las Progreseñas, or the women of El Progreso are the foundations of their communities.  They are the teachers, mothers, nurturers, and fighters for future of this town.

We wheatpasted 50 black and white portraits of these incredible women the third week of March of 2012, knowing the first week of April is “Semana Santa,” Holy Week or Spring Break, when many people coming from out side cities and even internationally pass through El Progreso to get to the coastal beach towns.  We figured this would be the best time to take advantage of the heavy traffic so more people will have the possibility of seeing this project.

"Personal Development" by Hilma af klint
Hilma af Klint (1862-1944) was a spiritualist and follower of Theosophy who earned her living painting conventional portraits and landscapes. Her mystical body of work was intensely personal and she gave strict instructions that they were not to be shown in public until twenty years after her death, when she felt the public would be ready for them. Her work was eventually hung along side Piet Mondrian, Kandinsky, Frantisek Kupka and other pioneers in the domain of abstract painting.However, Klint herself did not see her work as abstract paintings, but as a message from the spirit world.
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Barbara Hepworth’s Garden by Sarah Young
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~   John Cage
Willis Earl Beal - Acousmatic Sorcery
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Opaque  by  andbamnan